"From one way streets to four-lane freeways: How one Salvadoran woman paved her future in the U.S."
"A journey from Senegal to Connecticut, all for soccer: When Papi Diouf moved to the U.S. to pursue
"How new experiences led a Peruvian globetrotter to the San Fernando Valley"
"COVID-Clipped Wings: A Travel Writer Yearns for the Freedom to Fly Again"
"Between Two Crises: Fighting Wildfires During a Pandemic"
"Young Pianist With An Old Soul Keeps The Ragtime Spirit Alive"
Riding Sound Waves
"Creatively pivoting during a pandemic"
"A glimpse at a modern-day activist"
"Essential mom, essential worker"
"The man behind the literary heart of Little Arabia"
Infographic Card Illustration
Infographic Card Design
Next Generation Radio CSUN Portraits
Next Generation Radio USC Portraits
Next Generation Radio Cap Radio Portraits
Next Generation Radio CPR Portraits

Next Generation Radio

Editorial Illustrations for Next Gen Radio's non-narrated audio interviews

+ CSUN Project 

+ USC Project

+ Colorado Public Radio Project

+ CAP Radio Project


Also included:

+ Program infographic design/illustration

+ Student Participant Portraits